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When you enter the Epsom Salt tanks you are effortlessly floating for an entire hour, the point is to shut out the external world, diminish your senses, and just be with your mind. The use of Epsom Salt tank therapy is to help people with stress, anxiety, depression, joint pain, muscle tension relief, and it has also been related to better sleep, increase in creativity, clarity, and much more—the possibilities are endless.

Recommended by doctors, sports trainers, and therapists, mineral spa floatation therapy is gaining popularity as a luxurious escape and an extremely powerful tool for strengthening the immune system and improving health. In the sound-proof and light-proof heated spa filled with 1,000 pounds of healing, soothing Epsom Salts, clients float away mental stress, physical stress, and chronic pain. Floating has also been shown to improve creativity, increase skin tone, and enhance athletic performance.

Benefits of Regular Floating

Developed by Dr. Lilly, the relaxation environment was first used for brain research and exploring altered states of consciousness. Subsequent research has found that short-term sensory reduction can result in incredibly profound states of relaxation, expanded healing, creativity enhancement, problem solving, meditation, accelerated learning, sports performance conditioning, and self awareness. Beyond these states, users may find a multitude of experiences available to themselves.

During and after floating, Oasis Relaxation Systems users report a tranquil, carefree, super-relaxed feeling, a light, happy exuberance, attended by deep calmness, and a sense of wholeness. Floating enhances recovery from illness and pain, and decreases muscle tension.

The effects of total relaxation should not be overlooked. Most people never experience true relaxation. During a session, the body is completely suspended similar to zero gravity. Therefore, total muscle relaxation is possible. This promotes a sense of health and well-being that can remain for several days, at a minimum, and certainly long beyond.

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"As well as preventing sclerosis, kidney diseases and rheumatism, Epsom salt was also useful in avoiding weight gain. Magnesium sulphate (Epsom salt) paste is still widely recommended by doctors to help draw out impurities and poisons from the body. It is most beneficial when applied externally, because of its ability to draw waste (stored in the tissues) from the body through the skin."
Dr H Valentine Knaggs.

"St. Elizabeth Hospital, Appleton, Wisconsin: A year long statistical analysis of the effects of float tanks revealed 70%-85% improvement in treatment of a wide range of problems, i.e., anxiety, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular ailments, migraine/ tension headaches, chronic pain, hypertension, and recovery from surgery."
Esquire Magazine

"Women reap the most beneficial rewards. Sessions in a tranquility tank unknot forehead tension and relax tightened strings of the face. 'I look and feel ten years younger,' is not an uncommon comment. Plastic surgeons have always understood the aging factor of tension. When muscles behind the skin are in stress, they are reflected on the skin's surface. When tensions are removed, the skin becomes as uncomplicated as a baby's smooth visage."
New York Post

Things to consider prior to booking a float session:

1. You should not have received any tattoos, piercings, waxings within 24hrs or hair dye within a week.
2. It is not ideal to shave the day of (salt can sting!).
3. Bring something to remove/store contacts in or wear glasses.
4. Avoid caffeine and a heavy meal at least a 1 hour prior.
5. If you have any cuts or burns, wait for them to heal before floating, as the salt water will sting and be uncomfortable.
6. It is not recommended for epileptics whose epilepsy is not under medical control, for people under the influence of alcohol or drugs, for those with open skin wounds or infectious diseases, for anyone with mobility issues, or for those with suicidal tendencies to use the tank.

Floats are scheduled for one hour sessions. Longer floating sessions are available upon request.

Float Pricing (Please arrive 15 minutes before your float time)

1 Float = $60
5 Float Package = $275 ($25 Savings!) Can be used anytime

Monthly Memberships (used within 30 days of first float)

8 Float Package = $320 with Monthly Membership ($160 Savings!)
4 Float Package = $180 with Monthly Membership ($60 Savings!)
3 Float Package = $150 with Monthly Membership ($30 Savings!)

Floating hours are 10:00am-8:00pm by appointment Monday-Sunday (last float at 7pm)

*Membership packages benefit the avid floater with the most savings. Float session can be redeemed anytime throughout the month. All packages are Non-transferable and Non-refundable.

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***24 hour cancellation is required***


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