Rosanne is a certified Level II QHHT Practitioner trained in the Dolores Cannon method of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. QHHT was developed over 45 years of regressing clients into the deepest form of trance known as the somnambulistic state. This method has been and is currently successfully taught and practiced all over the world. A QHHT session consists of a pre-talk where Rosanne will go over all of your questions, health, life purpose, relationships, etc. as well as share the format of the session. Through guided meditation and visualizations, Rosanne will ease you into a comfortable theta state as you explore possible alternate lives that are the most appropriate for you to see in relation to this incarnation. Clients have reported amazing information and direct guidance while in this state. After exploring these scenes, Rosanne will call in your Highest Self or Source Consciousness to access even greater insight and messages to come directly through the client. Physical healings, clearings, blessings, direction, awareness, clarity, love and peace are all of some of the amazing experiences that have been present in her sessions.

As a QHHT Practitioner and C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Rosanne’s passion and commitment focuses on mental, emotional and spiritual awareness. This journey of healing and awakening has driven her to work at the deepest levels with top practitioners from around the world. Specializing in inner child healing, subconscious/reflective coaching, neuro-muscular testing and QHHT (quantum healing hypnosis technique) Rosanne gracefully guides others willing to participate in their own greatness by supporting her clients to connect with their highest self, receive the clearest guidance, integrate their truth and experience the deepest levels of healing.

Our certified life management coaching will support you in using these tools to live the life you have always wanted!  We believe that what shows up on the outside is a direct reflection of what is showing up on the inside. For example, we have seen clients that have been experiencing good physical health, but with negative thoughts or excessive stress, that healthy body soon began to experience challenges. Or a client that is in a new loving relationship that has not addressed some of their limiting beliefs soon finds their relationship compromised. This modality allows access to those parts of us that will support positive belief systems and elevate each person’s life experience, thus creating congruency between our mental, physical and emotional states. Through one on one (in person or over the phone) coaching sessions we have been able to support ourselves and others in numerous ways.


Rosanne has been a successful real estate professional for over 15 years. She has listed and sold properties in 5 major counties in Southern California and has also co-transacted properties out of state working her way up into the top 4% for sales in Orange County. After becoming a holistic practitioner several years ago, Rosanne realized there was a better way to operate in every aspect of life, personally and professionally. The art of being a real estate professional is to realize you are dealing with the energy of the client and the home. This is not just about listing and selling a house. This is one of the biggest events for some people and sometimes the most emotional. Being a Certified Life Coach has allowed Rosanne to navigate these waters with ease and grace while maintaining balance and peace for her clients. Rosanne attracts the perfect clients that are in alignment with this vision. After having transacted some of the most prestigious properties in Orange County under some of the most stressful situations it became clear that this was not the optimal way of doing business. Rosanne has created win-wins for her clients and all involved during these transactions. She has also developed a dream team of affiliates that are also in alignment with how they do business from escrow to contractors. All of these ingredients allow the intention and energy of the transaction to flow easily and effortlessly in the highest and greatest good.


Trained with the renowned Denise Linn in Elemental Space Clearing, Rosanne has personally and professionally blessed and cleared her clients’ homes for years. Rosanne began clearing and blessing the homes of her real estate clients before selling their properties or prior to moving into their new homes. She has blessed and cleared land, homes, rooms, offices as well as individuals. Rosanne begins the session the day before with blessings and meditative energetic clearing while connecting with the spirit of the client and of the home. She consults with the client prior to the session for their clear intention of bringing in the perfect and most aligned energy for the space. Every space clearing is unique and no two are ever identical as the energy dictates what is called for. All instruments and tools are customized for each session and provided by Rosanne. Clients report calmer energy, peace, joy, health, happiness, love and balance in their experiences after a space clearing. Pricing depends on square footage and hours spent at the property. Blessings and clearings are offered complimentary to Rosanne’s real estate clients with valid contract.

  • Creating healthy, loving relationships
  • Living your dream
  • Goal setting
  • Creating prosperity
  • Recognizing self-sabotage
  • Healing our inner child
  • Expanding creativity
  • Meditation
  • Addressing limiting beliefs
  • Experiencing joy, peace and gratitude
  • Connecting with self
  • Expressing ourselves authentically

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