About Us:

We have committed our lives in supporting ourselves and others to live life to their fullest potential, which we have discovered is limitless. We practice everything we teach and we are constantly evolving ourselves in our work. We are healing and learning from different teachings around the globe in all aspects of life. It has proven to be a very rewarding lifestyle, and we want to share it with others!

Our Mission:

To heal and enhance all levels of life. Our intention is to access self and live life to the fullest on all levels…Mind, Body and Spirit. We use different modalities to discover, learn, teach, heal, love and support ourselves and others in connecting and mastering greatness. We are sharing this lifestyle as we see its direct benefits in creating possibility and empowering openings in all areas of life. We also believe in getting people to Play! Through different exercises like Manadala art, stone stacking and the power of music and sound healing, we get to discover ourselves in a fun and playful way. The artistic exercises assist us in balancing the left and right brain thus creating harmony within. Our mission is to connect and unite all of the universes’ great gifts.

JEFF BRION / CHEK Practitioner, Holistic Nutritional Coach

I was born and raised in Mission Viejo, California, spending my days playing sports and starting contact football at the young age of 9. When I was 18 I left California to go work on our family farm in Ord, Nebraska, where I spent the next few years of my life farming and going to college. After I graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, I headed to Golden, Colorado, where I was an avid snowboarder, mountain biker, and weight lifter.

As I grew into my mid 20’s, signs started to arise as my lifestyle was taking a massive toll on my body. I always looked after the aesthetic composition of my body, not knowing what true health actually was. I would work out nearly every day, and often 2-3 times a day, between gym workouts, mountain biking or snowboarding, and running. I ate low fat meals, protein shakes, processed foods, and drank a lot of alcohol. But no one, including myself, knew what was actually happening on the inside of my body. I developed Ulcerative Colitis – inflammation of my internal system. I was embarrassed to talk about it and lived many years in very uncomfortable conditions. I had hard times breathing. I found that during activities I couldn’t catch a full breath which would leave me gasping for air. I had interrupted sleep. I had allergic skin reactions. I learned to think that this was normal, but it’s wasn’t. I was always interested in health, but it was when I moved back to California in 2004, that I was introduced to holistic health and the CHEK philosophy through my best friend and mentor Wayne Daniels.

After integrating the CHEK lifestyle of holistic health in 2004, I began healing myself on my own. I was taught that health is taking responsibility for one’s self. That less is actually more. You can work out smarter, not harder. That real food is fuel and combats disease instead of accelerating disease. I became so passionate about the CHEK system as I began to fix my digestive issues, back pain, and shoulder dysfunction, that I became a CHEK practitioner in 2008.

As I continue to look at the body as a whole system (physically, nutritionally, emotionally and spiritually), I have immersed myself into a new world. I never have the worries I once had with my ulcerative colitis. I am stronger, faster, more balanced, stand taller, breathe deeper, sleep more soundly, have more energy and feel more life then I ever had in the past!

ROSANNE RAMIREZ / Holistic Lifestyle Coach

After my Dad had passed in 2000 from congestive heart failure, I was looking for a change in my life. I was in such a sad place and was ready for things to be different. I realized nothing was going to be better or different in my life until I addressed the common denominator which was me. I then sourced out a transformational organization in 2001 where I went through my own experience and saw a shift in my life and my way of being immediately. The results in my work, finances, relationships and overall joy increased dramatically.

I then began supporting others in their lives and dreams through coaching. My vision of helping others is a reality as I see my clients shift into their authentic power to create the love, joy and dreams they desire. I’ve gotten to see how coaching has helped me through my life and this is a gift to be shared.

The support I gained in coaching helped me tremendously through my divorce and my own healing process. I have learned so much about my authentic self and really connected with my strengths and gifts. I then met my life partner Jeff, who I believe I met as a direct reflection of how we show up in the world. We have combined our strengths as he has shared his holistic practice and philosophies and I have shared my healing practice through emotional work and coaching. It is clear how all of these aspects of life contribute to our overall well-being and universal transformation. I am committed to this is a life long journey as I believe we never stop growing, learning and evolving.